Greetings and welcome to my commissions page. I'm assuming that the reason you clicked here was that you were interested in requesting custom artwork from NightWing Galleries. I need to state right off that I enjoy commissions, and do my best to get them finished in a timely manner, however, I am a very slow artist, due to being mom to two small boys and working full-time outside the home. It generally takes me several weeks for a pencil drawing, to several months for a painting. So please keep this in mine when commissioning me.

Below is a guideline for my commission rates, these vary depending on medium, and level of complexity. These prices are subject to change at any time, and there may be exceptions to this guide.

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Custom Convention BadgesStandard

All convention badges are laminated and come with a lanyard or clip.
Full Commissions
MediumSizeOne character, minimal backgroundAdditional CharactersFull backgroundComplex detail
Pencil/Graphite9x12"/11x14" bristol$115/$155+$20/$45 each+$30 and up+$50 and up
Digital with Lines8x10" $115+$20 each+$25 and up+$30 and up
Digital(no lines)8.5x11" print$150+$50$50 and up+$50 and up
Ink + Markers9x12"$50+$30 and upN/A+$50 and up
Ink+WatercolorsSizes varySee notes below for oil paintings
Oil paintings 8x10"
Prices will range from $80-$1,500 depending on size, subject matter, level of complexity/detail etc. Please e-mail me directly for a quote.

****Complex details are ornate jewelry, complicated armor/weaponery, borders around the image, celtic knotwork or complicated designs. Elaborate scaling on dragons and such is considered extra detail and will be charged accordingly.
****Complex backgrounds are dense forests, castles, stonework, buildings, carts, etc. I am not very proficient at painting modern landscapes/buildings/etc but I will try my hardest if this is requested.

Due to some abuse of my good nature there will be a $10 surcharge for every rough sketch requested over the three tries that come with your commission. My time is very valuable, as is yours, so please, please try to have your descriptions as accurate as possible.

***All digital commissions come with 1 8x10" print included in the fee. Extra prints or different sizes will be charged accordingly


Commissions under $80 need to be paid in full at time of request. For pieces $80 and up, a %50 deposit is required before I begin work on your request. You have the option to do the half now, half later, or pay it in full. I prefer payment in full because there is no waiting once I finish the piece. I will sketch out the drawing first to make sure everything is right. You may change the drawing at this point in time, once I add ink, or color to it, sorry but I can't do anything about changes. I will begin the actual work as soon as I get the initial or complete payment. The second half of the payment for pieces over $80 is due at completion of the project and satisfaction of the commissioner. I will scan the drawing and send it to you via e-mail, so you can check it over to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Prices will be quoted with their shipping costs included. Commissions are worked on in the order their payments are received. No payment is due before I present the commissioner with a concept sketch of the drawing,however once the concept sketch is accepted, no further work will be done until payment is received.

Payments must be in US funds. I will not accept foreign currencies. I accept money orders, checks (allow two weeks to clear), cash (at your own risk), and Paypal. I am not responsible for payments lost in the mail, so please make sure you send them to the right address. I will include all relevant information in an e-mail. Shipping generally runs around $5, for the mailer and postage. International shipping is pro-rated depending on location. I am not responsible for any duties, taxes or fees associated with the purchase of said artwork.

Commission Guidelines

These are the subjects I am most proficient at, in no particular order. I can draw pretty much anything though given enough references.

  • Dragons, both Western and Eastern

  • Gryphons, and other assorted creatures.

  • Wolves, big cats, deer, eagles, horses etc.

  • Anthromorphs/Furries

  • Tasteful nudity/mild sexual content. If you are not sure if something falls within these guidelines, please don't hesitate to e-mail me and ask.

Things I will not do, or that make me uncomfortable.

  • Vore, scat,watersports, adult rated artwork depicting obviously underage characters, rape art, etc.

  • Commercial, Copyrighted, or Trademarked characters/artwork/photographs without express written permission.

  • Other people's characters in compromising situations without their owner's written permission

  • Hate propoganda


Basically, the more detailed your description is, the better I will be able to do what you want. Reference pictures are a big help if you have them, but if not, please include small details, so they aren't forgotten. Colors, backgrounds, etc. All that I ask is that you allow me to work within my artistic style.

I reserve the right to refuse any art request for any reason. If no reply is received within 2 weeks of a completion, or update, I will consider the commission terminated and will cease work until I hear from the client. If no reply is received within 3 months, the drawing becomes my property to sell for profit if I wish.

Return Policy

No refunds will be given on commissioned works once the image has been begun. If the image is damaged upon receipt, I will do my best to replace it from one of the roughs. The original must be sent back to receive the replacement. Once the work on your commission has been started, the deposit(on pieces over $80), or the complete payment on pieces under $80 is non-refundable. This is to cover time spent and the cost of materials that have been used to create the drawing.

Copyright Information

All art I create for others and myself is copyright to me. Your purchase of a commission from me does NOT transfer copyright to you. I do not claim rights to any characters that are not mine, however I retain all rights to the artwork, including making prints.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by myself and the commissioner, all art is for non-commercial/non-business purposes ONLY. Personal use only includes using the art as wallpaper, tattoos, screen saver, making prints for your own personal use, T-shirts for your own use, or using the art on a personal website with proper credit given (ie. My name, and a link back to this site). Commercial use is NOT permitted. This includes selling or reproducing said art in any form, or using my art on a commercial website without express written permission from ME. If you are not sure about something, e-mail me and ask!