The Emperor
The Emperor is number IV in the Major arcana. Yes I do read tarot, but I am still learning.
When The Emperor appears in a spread, he is commonly something to be overcome, perhaps a rigid way of thinking or inflexibility that the querent has outgrown. The Emperor's power can bring a sense of comfort, great worth or power, but has an inherent danger of giving one a sense of personal entitlement beyond our actual rights, thus possibly leading to corruption; both material or spiritual. The ultimate male ego; ruler of the world. Also can symbolize the desire to rule over one's surroundings, and it's appearance in a spread can suggest that the querent needs to accept some things that they cannot control, and that others benefit from NOT being controlled. Some key words associated with The Emperor: Fathering, stability, authority, power, Control, discipline, rigidity, inflexibility, conservative, organization.
7x9 Watercolors on board
This image is part of a gryphon themed tarot deck project I am currently working on.
Image is Kristen Buckner 2009

8x10 Print
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The Emperor