Gryphon Tarot: The Magician
The Magician (I) - The male power of creation, creation by willpower and/or desire. It is also the only card that shows all four trumps (symbols) for the four suites. Air - swords (intellect/communication), Fire - wands (spirituality/ambition), the chalice/cup (water) of emotion, and pentacles (body, work and wealth). The Magician is traditionally shown with the symbol for infinity above his head. He can stand for a person of intellect, whether it be a doctor, scientist etc. When he appears in a spread, it is more of a revelation of ideas, namely NEW ideas that the queurent had not thought of previously.
7x10" Watercolors and gouache

Image is Kristen Buckner 2010

8x10 Print
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The Magician