Guidelines for Acceptable Use

You may:

  • Save images to your personal computer or device for your own personal enjoyment.

  • Use my artwork for tattoos. The tattoo artist is not allowed to add my drawings to their flash portfolio, as they were not the ones who did the original work. If you do get one done, I always love to see photographs of the finished works.

  • If you have commissioned a piece from me, you may use the image for side pictures, icons or other things of that nature. All I ask is that if you upload to the web, please use the watermarked version online so people know who did the work.

You may not do the following:

  • Crop, resize, paint over, remove the watermark and copyright information or alter my images in any fashion.

  • Upload my images anywhere without the watermark and website information intact

  • Please respect the image titles and any original characters they may depict

  • Reprint, reproduce, sell or use any of my artwork in a commercial fashion without prior written agreement. This means no printing of t-shirts, bags, posters, prints, etc. If you want something like this, I have a store on Cafepress for that exact purpose.I also offer high quality prints of many of my images. Support your artists by buying the work from them.