Here is where you can view some of the artwork that I have for sale. These are all original pieces, some are framed, some are not. Originals are sold on a first come, first serve basis. I have my paintings on multiple sites so please contact me directly if you are looking to purchase. Prices do not include any shipping costs.

Secret World
12x16" Oils on canvas. Framed
Against the Tides
16x20" Oils on canvas. This piece is intended to be sold alongside "Stormwynde". SOLD 2/21/18
16x20" Oils on Canvas. This piece is intended to be sold alongside "Against the Tides". Framed
The Watcher
9x15" Acrylic on masonite panel. Framed
For You
14x18" Watercolors, and colored pencil on illustration board. Framed and matted to 22x24" approximately. Shipping determinate on location. Framed
Keeper of the Winds
11x14" graphite on bristol. Matted and mounted to 16x20". Click thumbnail to see original.
15x20" Oils on illustration board. Framed. 2004