Here is a listing of sites that I frequent, and also sites of fellow artists who have given me advice and tips. After looking around here, why not give them a peek. Also, if you link to me, please let me know so I can link back to you. Most of the sites listed here are family friendly, sites with adult content will have a warning in the description. I make no guarantees that this will be the case, as I have no control over the content of websites outside of this domain.

Huge huge huge artist community, complete with forums and discussions on anything from sketching to fine art.

Deviantart. Huge huge huge artist community.


Tanadrine Studios Website and gallery of Taben Clearwater.

: One of the fastest growing directories of fantasy sites on the web, and also a bustling community for all fantasy lovers.

Dick Blick Art Materials : A fine selection of art materials ranging from painting to rendering to sculpture. Quality products at reasonable prices. This is where I order most of my materials from. I highly recommend them.

Kids Halloween Costume : Awesome site for all your costuming and Renfair needs.

Summer : Art by Hannah Spute(Ahkahna)

Feather Dust Studios : Art by Jennifer Miller(Nambroth)

Elfwood Fantasy Galleries

The Gryphon Guild: (This site is down at the moment)

The Gryphon PagesA comprehensive guide to gryphons. Well written and maintained by Eclipse.

The SilverDragon: A store for all your Pagan/Witchcraft needs. Local dragons check it out.